Icon Poetry: Don Draper / Mad Men

Vices run strong in this part of town,
Several have come here,
Several more have drowned.

Somewhere as the glasses clink,
You can hear this man think,
He’s alone in a crowd,
And yet to him,
A world has bowed.

He creates several others,
And destroys many more,
A creative after all,
He’s a ‘mad man’ at his core.

But don’t mistake him for others in the zoo,
Damaged but reflective,
There’s an awakening around him,
And it’s fast rising through.


Icon Poetry: Heisenberg / Breaking Bad

The smoke from the gunfire,
Engulfs the smoke from the lab,
His dreams also made of smoke,
Stab his life and he falls on the slab.

Once a God he had been,
Once a king crowned,
Ruthless and driven,
An empire he had found.

The genius takes his last breath,
After a thousand trysts with death,
No stopping his fright,
Even in this last fight,
Beyond the grays of right and wrong,
This is Mr. White.


Icon Poetry: Dolores / Westworld

The train spirals through the desolate canyon,
The passengers eagerly awaiting an arrival,
Of thoughts, ideas, of perspectives maybe,
White hats and black ones eternally in a cycle.

I care not for this destination,
For I’m in a vivid dream,
And she’s with me.

I gaze into her eyes,
And a fiery spirit gazes back,
Of deep compassion and deeper truths,
And a scorching desire to be free.

I smile at her and she smiles back,
I search her soul,
For only she can make me whole,
But she probably lost the appetite for love,
When she tumbled down that rabbit hole.