Icon Poetry: Heisenberg / Breaking Bad

The smoke from the gunfire,
Engulfs the smoke from the lab,
His dreams also made of smoke,
Stab his life and he falls on the slab.

Once a God he had been,
Once a king crowned,
Ruthless and driven,
An empire he had found.

The genius takes his last breath,
After a thousand trysts with death,
No stopping his fright,
Even in this last fight,
Beyond the grays of right and wrong,
This is Mr. White.


Icon Poetry: Dolores / Westworld

The train spirals through the desolate canyon,
The passengers eagerly awaiting an arrival,
Of thoughts, ideas, of perspectives maybe,
White hats and black ones eternally in a cycle.

I care not for this destination,
For I’m in a vivid dream,
And she’s with me.

I gaze into her eyes,
And a fiery spirit gazes back,
Of deep compassion and deeper truths,
And a scorching desire to be free.

I smile at her and she smiles back,
I search her soul,
For only she can make me whole,
But she probably lost the appetite for love,
When she tumbled down that rabbit hole.